The 45th Parallel Distillery is a small, hand-crafted spirits producer in Western Wisconsin. We’ve worked with the founders since day one in developing branding frameworks and marketing materials to bring their product to market.

We see many aspects of our branding process as metaphorically similar to their process of distilling. We’ve helped 45th Parallel get to the core of their brand and take their messages across multiple mediums through their growth.

Consumers often have strong preferences to their favorite brands of alcohol. Encouraging them to try a new product is never a simple task. 45th Parallel makes finely-crafted vodka, whiskey and gin – all of which require finely-crafted brands. The brand development process included the creation of a simple, recognizable brand identity that married well to the packaging design.

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Vodka Branding Design featuring multiple bottles

The identity has been applied on many promotional items such as apparel, flasks and other hard goods.

Picture of a flask with a the 45th Parallel Vodka Logo Design

Here’s a close-up image of the front of the bottle.

Picture of a vodka bottle with the logo close up