New Day Meadery is a small Indiana-based honey wine (mead) manufacturer.

They had a friend who is an artist create a unique design that became the integral part of the logo featuring bees, honeycombs and a flower. We were enlisted to vectorize the artwork and pair it with fonts to create the identity. We also designed a rich, textured label that compliments the bottle shape.

Mead is a honey wine that has been hand made for hundreds of years. New Day Meadery is one of few meaderies in commercial production and their products are rapidly gaining in popularity.

Armed with a fantastic sketch of bees and a flower from a local artist, Inveniam was enlisted to bring together the identity and packaging design in a cohesive fashion. The finished label was designed with versatility to be replicated with the small number of product variations.

The label’s shape, embossed logo colors, substrate and use of metallic ink were carefully chosen to present a sophisticated brand presentation.