This client needed to create second brand of medium-grade vodka that was marketed at a lower price point than their premium, flagship product.  Understanding that the product would likely only be distributed regionally, we helped this client land on the Midwest™ name. The design direction was to create a presentation that felt more appropriate on the middle shelf than the top shelf.

We explored many typographical options with the objective to marry a simplistic sans-serif typeface with a well-designed script font. Ancillary icons were also created, including an “MW” logo and a traditionally-styled wheat and star used to break up the label. The client saw a photo of a tractor that we happened to photograph informally in a nearby field after a prior meeting and asked us to incorporate it into the packaging. The original photo had a trailer on the tractor which had to be removed and portions of the tractor rebuilt in Photoshop. Over 40 hours went into the handling of this photo to make it work for this brand’s application.

The bottle was an inexpensive stock bottle, and a custom cap was made that matched the red strip at the bottom. The label stock was metallic to provide a sheen to the package.

After the launch of the vodka, we revised the design to add a gin to the Midwest™ product family.

Noteworthy Accomplishment: When you have a gradient fade to black like we do on this label, there’s always a little concern with how it might print. Advanced Web – the printer who printed this label –  was featured as a Top Winner, and won the Best of Show Award at the Printing Industry of Minnesota’s Star of Excellence Awards.