We’ve designed brand identities for multiple professional photographers, primarily in the Minneapolis / St. Paul metro area.

Aubineau studios wanted a traditional approach to photographer branding with a little flair. Because it’s hard name to spell, we embraced the “A” and looked for opportunities to allow that to be a primary component of the brand mark. It’s important for a photographer of this nature to have a primary watermark which is congruent with their identity. This unique “A” allows for an ideal watermark background while the primary typeface claims prominence in such applications.

A freelance photographer came to us looking for a unique name for their business. As we led them through a series of questions about their objectives, preferences and plans, we learned some thing about her that led to the “Natural Eyes Photography” brand name. Without a design budget, we showed her how a little typographical exploration can go a long way toward the foundation of a brand. The ball is in her court to get back to us on what direction she wants to take.

We provided a more comprehensive approach to Luke Studios’ brand identity needs. Learn more about that project here.