Carea™ Medical App Brand Naming Strategy



Conceiving a brand name for anything in the medical field can prove quite difficult. The landscape is full of over-used terms, protected trademarks, common words and potentially confusing associations.

The new marketplace of apps makes the brand naming process even more difficult. Our client – a global healthcare technology development company – needed an elastic, memorable brand name for their new medical app that brings all of your healthcare management into one place. The Carea™ name not only applies to the app, but also the platform that serves as its foundation.

After an exhaustive process of concept play and word exploration, we landed on Carea™, a “stupid-simple” name that was deemed protectable. It’s easy to spell and remember, but like any made-up/authentic name, it had potential for mispronunciation and auditory disconnect. It’s pronounced “CARE-ah,” and the logotype was designed with a slightly subdued “a” to promote the natural pronunciation and prominence of the word “Care.”

The word also has some association in other languages. Carea can mean “to bring face to face,” which is what the essence of the brand and platform does by allowing patient and practitioner interaction via an app. It can also mean “to confront,” which speaks to the value of allowing people to confront their conditions with tools for better communication and better care, resulting in better outcomes. We created the tagline/encapsulating statement “Connected Healthcare” to assist the brand in relaying its meaning and value.

the Brand Promise

Carea™ and the Carea™ Family of Solutions help improve outcomes across the continuum of care by providing access and visibility to Patients, Providers, Concerned Family Members, and Clinical Staff. Carea™ is changing the perception of what it means to receive and experience healthcare by providing solutions developed to fill the current gaps in healthcare.

A Brand Family:

We decided on this direction primarily for it’s simplicity. The brand encompasses many functions as sub brands, and needed to be extendable in a way that a 2-3 word brand name could not. The current “Family of Solutions” includes:

  • Carea™ (the parent name for both the app and platform)
  • CareaMessenger™
  • CareaClinic™
  • CareaMed™
  • CareaRx™
  • CareaRecords™
  • CareaCommunity™