How does a rural, independent service provider stand out in his niche?

We helped Kurt, an independent well pump service provider promote his new business with the development of a fun, friendly visual persona. His business services a specialty niche in a rural area, but when you pull out the phone book, you can’t miss his ad.

To keep his design costs reasonable, we found and purchased a stock mechanic caricature, applied some minor customizations and completely re-designed the face to closely resemble Kurt’s appearance while maintaining the stylistic handling of the rest of the body. He chose a direct approach with the name of the business, so we designed the logo in the style of a traditional, “blue service” man’s patch.

In addition to the branding, we deployed a simple WordPress website and consulted with Kurt to help him come up high in search engine ratings for an array of niche-focused search terms. It worked. He was far more profitable in is first year than he thought he would be, business has steadily grown since, and he likes to call us with stories of people commenting on his resemblance to the caricature.