Principle Solutions is a company that connects raw ingredient suppliers to manufacturing customers in the pet food industry.

We designed their corporate identity to reflect what they do, and extended the design with graphical elements to better visually display the connection concept.

Their main business is a specialty ingredient broker, primarily focused on supplying pet food ingredients to manufacturers.

They had a logo and conceptual graphic made by a friend, but only had low resolution versions (see below).  They asked us for an identity to make their company more premium in appearance. It didn’t take too many questions to discover that fundamentally, they’re all about connecting the right product to the right client, so we found way to make the identity and it’s extensions say “connections” in a visual and conceptual manner.

We also designed a standardized conceptual graphic and placed it in some marketing materials as well as a single-page website. Their image is everything, so we developed multiple high quality business cards, including metal business cards and another version made on a thick, premium paper stock.

Compare our results above with the originally-submitted logo below.

Originals – What the Client Initially Came to Us With:

Metal Business Card Design:

Best Metal Card Design Laser Cut