Photographers have needs that vary significantly from other types of websites. They generally have heavier content (more photos) than standard websites. But photos aren’t search engine friendly, and if a goal for the photographer’s website is to be found, they have a little work do do. With well-executed content, a photographer can skyrocket their rankings.

Over the past few years, WordPress has become one of the leading platforms for photographers. Aubineau Studios is a photographer based in Blaine, MN who started as a branding client. While developing their logo, we extended the identity in their print templates and on their website. The owner had some web development experience, so we developed a custom WordPress theme unique to their site requirements.

We took a more simple approach for the Paper Castle Photography website. Instead of a custom WordPress theme, we helped them select a pre-made theme and made some customizations for their business. We deployed certain plugins and content strategies to target specific key phrases.

The direction taken for the development of the Luke Studios website was a little more robust. We describe this project in greater detail in this post.