Paper Castle Photography is a small studio in Western Wisconsin that focuses on equine portraiture. The owner wanted an upgrade to her branding with a fairy tale / medieval style of lettering (with somewhat of a hand-lettered feel), complimented by a a crown.

We used a hand-lettered style font as a base, but spent a lot of time customizing each letter to fit the logo and create a harmonious texture. For the crown, we did a photoshoot of a unique ring that looked like a crown. Lighting this item for the specific need was a fun challenge. We had to find the right angle and amount of contrast to match the lettering. After the photoshoot, we manipulated it in Photoshop and vectorized it in Illustrator.

Many of her photos are edited to create a fantasy-like scene for her clients. The new identity direction helps relay the intended fairy tale feel of the Paper Castle brand.