We collaborated with a communications consultant and a video production house to develop an internal website for the onboarding of new employees. The key objective was to create a process, system or kit for onboarding a new employee successfully.  The client stated; “we want them to be as excited about their new job as possible.”

In a typical orientation experience, the new hire would spend a lot of time paging through policy manuals. Rather than going in the traditional print direction, we conceived and directed the YourPlace™ Program, which became an interactive, online-based solution supplemented with various printed “toolkits” for different types of positions.

We leveraged new media to help the employee enjoy a more engaging experience, by integrating a video host who walks them through some of the key principles of the company on their first visit. We hired talent to build a persona, and had him introduce the key messages in a friendly manner.

The company enjoys a dedicated site with all the necessary information for new hires that is easy to update and keep current.