MyNI™ GPS Tracker Brand Identity System



The MyNI™ GPS Tracker leverages innovate technology to help finding missing items quickly and reliably.

The name came from the company’s ability to miniaturize GPS. GPS tracking devices have traditionally been bulky, disallowing them from being used to conveniently, comfortably and/or discreetly be placed on personal items and pets.

Many item trackers currently available on the market leverage short-range technologies such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. However, if an item is not within reach of these “limited range” transmissions, the device is relatively useless. Our positioning includes a number of standardized graphics (like the one below) that clearly articulate the product’s value propositions.




The play on “My” is an important part of the brand identity. The concept of “mini” was not deemed protectable (as a trademark) as it is a general descriptive term. We kept the pronunciation, but changed the spelling to something more authentic. The use of “My” also highlights the importance of of protecting and recovering your valued personal items – many of which are very important to you (children, cell phones, keys, computers, purses, pets, etc.). “My” also comes into play in many areas of the design, including the app, which is called “Find My MyNI™.”

Innovative technologies often carry a burden of education. The brand development process included the design of an array of standardized graphics that help communicate the value of miniaturized GPS and demonstrate how the technologies work and connect.




The logo design allows continuity among the corporate identity (MyNI™ TECH) and family of products. Generation One of the product line includes an “Alert” model with push-button alarm notification/activation, as well as a “Finder” model that is more passive with a long battery life.

This company is currently in the process of ramping up production. We will update this project as the product gets closer to launch.