Holy Creations Logo design from a branding project where we named the company and brands

This client came to us with some olive oil and handcrafted wood products they were importing from Palestine. Their initial brand name was “Holy Land Oils and Wood Products,” and we helped them differentiate and re-name the product lines to “Holy Creations” as the company name (and domain name), “A Taste of the Holy Land” for their oils and food products, and “A Touch of the Holy Land” for their wood products and other physical goods.

Brand naming strategy to differentiate two natural products

We designed an authentic identity system and incorporated it on packaging and various print materials. We used a combination of fonts, which were customized for to make a unique brand identity that was recognizable and easily identifiable.

Below is one of the label designs we created. Portions of the logo were applied as a background texture on product packaging and other print designs.

Olive oil label packaging design