Icon Pizza Branding Logo Design

Quick Fresh™ is one of our freshest complete commercialization projects. We’ve developed a comprehensive launch strategy, including many aspects of the business development process for this franchisor operation.

The company serves multiple specialty markets and needed a strong iconographical identity that was easily remembered. We’ve established a solid branding framework and chose not to go with many of the visual styles traditionally associated with big pizza brands.

We produced a number of logo variations in a comprehensive brand identity style guide. A few examples are shown below:

Variations of corporate identity logos for a pizza franchisor from their brand identity style guide

As you can see, the logo needs to be versatile to fit a variety of mediums. Additionally, the company’s primary focus will be in the pizza market, so we made appropriate versions of the identity to include the word “pizza.”

More variations of the logo usage with the additional word pizza

This is a live project. More information will be added to this summary as it comes to fruition.