Realtors have relatively difficult “personal branding” challenges.

This mother-son team wanted a unique, simple brand identity that had “stick factor” – leaving a strong and memorable impression when viewed in their many mediums of promotion.  Their last name (Hinrichs) also has inherent challenges as it can be difficult to spell and pronounce. However, it’s how they wanted to be known so we came up with the name Hinrichs Homes and decided the identity should “own the H.” Prior to enlisting our branding assistance, their website was, which is has a lot of words for people to remember. Many Realtors have the same challenge of finding an available website / brand name combination and end up using use a similar conglomeration of generic and sensationalistic words.

We dove deep into the core of what they offer and distilled it down to 2 primary concepts: 1) the concept of the bridge: taking people from one point to another, and 2) the concept of the horizon: progression into future goals. We were able to merge this conceptual imagery into a strong, iconographic logo that also has the “H’s,” which are primary components of their identity.

An example of some of the collateral materials are below.

Envelope design in black and white with a realtor logo

When presenting the logo designs, we applied them in an embroidered version, as well as on vinyl graphics for their vehicles.

Client Feedback:

My experience with Inveniam was fantastic. I came into the process wanting a logo for my business and ended up with a complete brand identity, marketing strategy, web/social media consistency and much much more. The design process was very organic and took on a life of its own. Through a very in-depth and extensive collaboration about concepts and revision of those ideas, the final product turned out clean, memorable and timeless. Truly a pleasurable experience at the time and I will be continuing my relationship with Inveniam in the future.

Kyle Hinrichs | Principal | Hinrichs Homes Realty