Sometimes the project calls for a simple website that gets the job done. This site isn’t fancy, but it gets searchers within a niche right where they want to be.

The Ask: The client initially wanted their main website to come up on the first page of Google for the term “distilling class,” which was an educational service they provided. Since their main site had other primary objectives, we realized that this wasn’t the optimal approach to their objective and suggested a different strategy.

The Strategy: We led the client through a comprehensive key phrase identification process to uncover related search terms and implemented the most popular terms throughout the site.As part of the strategy, we identified a number of available domain names related to their objectives and secured them for use.

The Results: The results are measurable, and the site has exceeded the client’s expectations. Since this site was somewhat of a trial (and therefore low budget), we implemented a simple, static site with well-executed SEO practices. We may further it with a more robust platform in the future, but for now it gets the job done because a few of the key things have been executed correctly.

The Lesson: We understand the difference between “doing things” and “executing objectives well.”  Niche marketing is the way to go. Do you have a niche you’d like to target?  Ask us how we can help.