Music Saint Croix is a small, performing orchestra that received a grant for a new, consistent brand identity as well as marketing materials, photography and a website. This orchestra performs in Stillwater, MN which is along the Saint Croix River and has a prominent lift bridge that is often used as an iconic symbol for the city.

We went about our typical brand design process, designed a strong typographical brand mark and handling styles, but we didn’t have our big “aha moment” until we were shooting some location photography near the bridge.

One of the most unique photos we captured was of a trombonist on a concrete pillar, posed in front of the Stillwater bridge. We instantly saw the opportunity for this image to became a significant component of their identity, so we simplified and vectorized it. The client chose the logo variation with this image included as the primary logo. The image is also used as a background / textural element on the website and various print materials.

We describe the web development for Music Saint Croix in this post.