70+ Additional Logo Designs

If you’ve stumbled upon this page, you may want to review our Portfolio Page first to see our featured designs.

While some of the logo designs and brand developments below are not in our featured portfolio, we often direct clients here for them to review a certain style, color, icon, typographical handling or another aspect of the process relative to their objectives.

These identities vary significantly in scope, budget and level of development, but in addition to our featured portfolio items, demonstrate our abilities in diverse design styles. We design brands that match our client’s objectives… not our personal design preferences!


Sugarland™ Gourmet is a company that produces jams, jellies and other canned goods.



MetroRetro™ is a store selling all kinds of retro and refurbished decor.



TrackShrinker is a brand designed for a speed controller for RC cars. We selected and customized a font that had a racing feel and added a track.



The concept of “repurpose” was worked in to this corporate identity for an environmentally-focused start-up.



BODI is a gym in Scottsdale. We built a simple logo by customizing a typeface.



It’s not often that we are asked to design a logo for a yacht. We customized a typeface for this Strikhedonia logo.


Sozala™ is a brand we named and designed for a start-up company.



We helped the owner of Healthcare Business Solutions rename and rebrand to CleanClaim. This was the resulting logo.



This minimalistic conceptual logo is pare of HealthPointe Solutions‘ corporate identity system.



Typographical modifications were made to some of the letterforms to spice up this log for a boudoir photographer in St. Paul.


“Q Barbeque” was a logo designed for a new restaurant. We explored many options for the logo design and also different brand names.

Q BBQ logo renderings on wood and leather

To assist the client in determining which logo to choose, we applied the logo on simulated wood grain and leather, similar to what they may use for their premium menus.

The Golden Ticket™ is a member rewards program. We wanted the logo design to represent a card.

We’ve done a lot of branding for natural products companies. We can help build everything from the corporate identities to the brand identities and all of the marketing communications materials.

The Front Porch Project brand identity was created for a local community involvement initiative for a non-profit. We design a simple typographical logo complimented by a standardized stock image to reinforce the message.

Flow Innovations needed a simple corporate identity design, so we married a conceptual “flowing graphic” to a minimalistic sans-serif typeface.

An EEG Coach needed a simple, low-budget logo design for their website and business cards. We explored a few typographical options.

We designed the masthead for the Eau Claire Community Magazine.

DFI needed a new company logo design with a quick turnaround and on a small budget, so our creative journey primarily involved typographical exploration.

This small daycare business needed a simple, low-budget logo and they desired a child-like style of design.

The Sales Rocket™ logo was designed for a service offering. We applied the logo design as a background texture to extend and standardize the handling of the brand identity.

Sweet Greetings is a specialty candy store that asked us to design a corporate brand identity. We used the image of a traditional awning to compliment the typeface selections.

BrandXPlore™ is another simple, service based logo.

We designed the Synergetic Marketing corporate identity with a bold typography to be versatile and extendable to the company’s multiple divisions.

As part of a marketing communications design project, this company could not provide a vector or high resolution logo, so we re-created what they had in vector format. While placing the logo on marketing materials, the relative size of the graphic vs. the type make it unreadable in many applications, so we suggested a revision which provided greater prominence of the company’s name and core service offering.

NorthWinds needed a logo upgrade on a tight budget. We took a simple, minimalistic approach to the designed that resulted in a greater impact.

Simple typographical logo for a service. We explored many options and colors for the client.

We explored many typography options to design a few options for this headstone with a “JSL” monogram.

We took a quick stab at a logo design for this small business community non-profit group with no budget. They chose the direction on the bottom with 2 handling options.

As part of many commercialization consulting projects for this seasonal lighting company, one of their LED products needed branding and packaging. We named and developed the design direction around the new key light-refracting feature, which looked like little jewels in the lights. The client chose the design on the left, as it was the most straightforward in visually articulating their objectives and product differentiators.

This company wanted a logo for their knitted handbag products. We incorporated graphical knitting concepts into a few of the design directions. The “PK” forming a heart in the center was their chosen direction.

Sometimes clients come to us with a sketch and we make it happen with design execution.  We vectorized and tweaked their spiral hand concept and married to a typeface that they liked. We then used the same typefaces for their loyalty program logo.

We have branded and marketed a few vacation rental homes in Mexico. The design needs have been relatively simple and generally involve only typographical exploration. The colors chosen often reflect the Caribbean’s “seven shades of blue.”

The city of New Richmond has had a long history of social conflicts. A few active community members, initially tasked with bringing a better local economy, through collaborative engagement began a weekly meeting group where community members could openly discuss local matters without political influence and state their differences in opinion in a friendly and welcoming environment. The group later evolved their objectives from talking to taking action. We created a logo and website to give an identity to their objectives of facilitating communication and action. The visual concept of many cogs in the wheel was the direction they chose. We married it with some typographical handling to create what you see above.

My Little Blossom™ was a simple logo designed for a sensitive skin care line for mothers and children.

This financial services company wanted a simple “PS” logo for their mark. We explored fonts to find something that could create a dollar sign out of the “S” and this is what they ended up choosing.

Logo Design from a Minneapolis Based Insurance Agency

This Farmers Insurance Agent in Blaine Minnesota needed a logotype for their agency. We created a shield similar to the Farmers corporate logo and combined it with a simple typeface. In later revisions, we created a badge icon version for social media and mobile app needs.

N-Vision is a multimedia development firm that needed a logo with a video concept.

This client wanted to brand his new company around the saying “Go Climb A Mountain.” He used the GCAM acronym as the company name and hired us to explore the design and handling of the mountain concept. The larger direction on the top and left was the selection and you can see it applied on the sign outside of his production facility.

We’ve designed many brands for food products. We often design the logo and the packaging at the same time.

When we design brands for natural foods products, we often supplement them with bold, standardized principal photographs that are placed adjacent to them in most marketing communications materials.

When we designed the corporate identity for Northern Lights, a natural foods processing and manufacturing company, it felt natural to include rays of light similar to aurora borealis.

This dietary supplement packaging design was created in our early years. The brand was designed to have stylistic harmony among its many packaging components.

Many branding projects also include the conception and development of standardized conceptual graphics such as what you see above. When developing the strategy, we determined that it was important to visually articulate the relative value of the compounds within one serving vs. what the consumer may already be using. In this example, it allowed us to compare our product advantages against the disadvantages of the additional sugar and caloric intake of cranberry juice.

Grace United Methodist wanted to use the principal United Methodist logo and create their own version.

We also design personal brands for individuals. The “TH” logo was designed with an Asian lettering style and the “A” logo was designed for the personal branding objectives of our company’s founder.

This start-up packaging company needed a new corporate identity on a tight budget, so we created a typographical identity that met their objectives.

The Raging Bull™ project’s agreement contains confidentiality clauses disallowing us from certain disclosures, but here is the custom brand identity we designed.

We often find a font that we like and customize it to make a unique logotype. This olive oil natural foods brand identity was then applied on their packaging.

Here is a logo design for a personal chef. We helped her settle on a typeface that she liked, married it to a crossed forks graphical concept and found a free stock vector background that we colorized to bring it all together and keep her budget low.

We explored numerous “PP” and “P” logo concepts for this corporate identity project. The direction on the top and left was the final selection.

This sales and marketing firm needed a simple logo design for their business cards and marketing materials.

We helped this company with brand naming and logo design with their “VW” initials. The option on the top was the final selection.

We are often hired by foreign importers to help establish brand strategies, commercialize and market consumer products. This artificial tree offered a quick and simple setup, so we built the brand around that key differentiator / value offering. Above you’ll see a few logotypes, and below you’ll see how the chosen design direction was applied on a hangtag for the retail environment. The brand identity is supplemented by strong, standardized visual graphical elements (in this case, photos of the 3-stage setup process with time frames to demonstrate the quickness of the setup).

This resort had an old logo with two fonts that they loved. As we worked on a few print materials, we determined that the logo just wasn’t going to work, so we whipped up this quick and simple version.

After noting many similarities in the way businesses develop their core concepts and content for their marketing communications materials, we conceived the Smarticulation™ service and system. The various forms, processes and strategies help clients with the concepting and content development process.  Ask us about it!

Minneapolis United is a non-profit athletic organization that needed some logos and apparel designs.

Carey + Company needed a simple, typographical corporate identity.

This company needed a simple logo design. We often provide stacked and linear logo design variations like this for different applications.

We have done a few restaurant branding projects in the Minneapolis and St. Paul metro area. Restauranteurs commonly ask us to handle logo development, signage, promotions and menu design.

Reversing one of the L’s in GALLERY provided the opportunity for an empty “SPACE,” which is the name of this art gallery. In this identity design project, we determined that the logo should be elastic and able to feature their current featured work. The two separate logos are used in different ways to communicate the same concept of facilitation within THE SPACE.

This group of musicians came to us with a list of fonts that they liked and asked us to design a logo for their band. We noticed that one of the typefaces had variances in letterform weight, which made it look somewhat similar to musical notes. With the addition of a few circles, they had their new typographical identity. In marketing materials, the logo was often combined with the group and headshot photos done by Minneapolis Commercial Portrait Photographer Luke Studios: www.LukeStudios.com

Another simple, low budget logo design for a service offering.

A tattoo artist needed to re-brand their small business. We helped them conceive the WildSide Tattoo name and design the brand identity. Their primary design goal was to make the brand particularly attractive to women.

That’s all for now!  Again, these are some of our non-featured designs, so if you stumbled upon this page, please visit our Portfolio Page to view our featured projects.