Tony Olivia a baseball legend who played for the Minnesota Twins. A group of Tony’s friends and fans formed a committee to help Tony Oliva get into the Hall of Fame.

The Minnesota Twins were generous in providing photographs of Tony Oliva for our use, and we were able to easily merge these assets with our newly created graphics. Other than that, we were able to do pretty well with very little time and resources.

We were enlisted to provide branding and marketing strategy. We created an old-style, baseball-themed logo. The colors were chosen to be close to those used by the Minnesota Twins during his era. We also created a “T-O” logo which is stylized similarly to the “T-C” logo of the Twins.

Photo of Tonly Oliva and Rod Carew at Twins Fest

Every year the Minnesota Twins host Twins Fest, which is a major promotional event for this initiative. In the picture above you can see some of our tradeshow booth designs along with Twins Legends Tony Oliva and Rod Carew who made an appearance at the booth.

Custom designer of vintage baseball cards for promotions

We designed many promotional materials to hand out at their various events, including custom-designed old-style vintage baseball cards to be given away to engage fans.

Custom Baseball Clothing and Apparel Designer

The non-profit raises funds at various events,  so we also created some t-shirts and other merchandise to sell.

Custom Banner, Poster and Tradeshow Booth Designer in MN

We also created a variety of banners and posters to promote and call to action.

Event Pomotion Designer MN

Tony’s 75th birthday fell on a date of a Twins Game and the club was allowed to pass out stickers and promote the initiative at the event.

Twin Cities Designer for Event Promotions and Custom Special Events

We designed a few items to place on the Tony Oliva statue to promote the initiative and for his birthday.

Strategy and Design for Social Media Promotions

We included some event social media engagement strategy by encouraging fans to take their picture with the dressed statue and post to Twitter and Facebook.

Custom Designer for Events and Birthdays

After the Twins game, many of the items made it to Tony’s home for the afterparty.

Photos of Tony Oliva's Golden Gloves Trophy and World Series Trophy

Tony has his Golden Glove and World Series trophies on display in his large trophy case.

Communications Design for Print Promotions in the Twin Cities

In order to get more traction in their promotional strategy, the group needed us to design print materials to pitch their goals and initiatives to the Minnesota Twins for their assistance.

Communications design that coordinated your facebook and social media with your website

To bring it all together, we developed a simple website in WordPress, making it simple for the managers to update. The site also integrates with their custom-designed Facebook and Twitter profiles.

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