Bachman’s is a prominent local floral and garden store with multiple locations throughout the Twin Cities Metro area. The manager of their Landscaping division tracked us down after finding another site we developed the year prior.

This division needed an update to their site that was harmonious with their corporate site, while engaging users a little differently. Because of unique technical requirements, we had to develop a static website that integrates WordPress as the blog engine. We provided insight on how to use a blog as an ongoing communication platform, and also leveraged the blog as a way to make is easier for multiple users (their 11 independent landscape designers) to keep their portfolios updated themselves.

Client Feedback:

I want to thank you and the Inveniam team for the excellent work on our new website. Our goal was to clearly show all the hardscape project work that we do, but to also send the message that we do simple planting projects as well. I explained the somewhat competitive nature of designers showcasing their capabilities and also asked for a website that looked cutting-edge. Finally, I wanted a website full of information and content that users could feel very good about visiting. This was a pretty tall order and I feel that the end result met all of the goals.

Looking back, I appreciate your early efforts to gain a thorough understanding of our business needs. I appreciate the expertise you shared as you explained strategies to meet our needs using all the web has to offer. I appreciated the options you presented and the skill and creativity of your team. Finally, I appreciate your attention to all the little details, your follow-through and your accommodation of our tight deadline. Overall, an outstanding job!

Thank you Allen for the excellent website and for the fine work for Bachman’s Landscaping, it was a great experience!
Tom Faust, Bachman’s Landscaping