Branding + Marketing EXPERTISE

Inveniam is an integrated branding & marketing communications firm based in Minneapolis.

We work with established companies and start-ups to launch new products, re-invigorate brands and leverage new media to strengthen customer connections. We marry brand and business strategy with creative execution, delivering foundational brand strategies, integrated brand identities, marketing campaigns, websites and more.

If you’re local to the Twin Cities area of Minnesota, you’ve probably never heard of us.  That’s how we like it. Most of our clients are abroad and demand a lot out of our small-but-focused branding and marketing agency. As a result, we often find our way into many aspects of the commercialization process and enjoy the experience it brings…

Before you ready any further, here are a few things you should know:

First: We talk strategy before we talk tactics. One of the things we do best is distill, sift through and beat the hell out of complicated information to make it simple.

Second: We’re very systematic in our approach. Our work is guided by proven processes (pardon the marketing speak), which become somewhat of an alchemy that includes deep and ambitious thinking, grounded in the particular needs of each of our client. If we can’t get deep, we get bored…

Third: We don’t stop until your “angle” is unique. Folks, it’s all about “finding the angle.” We’re known for creating authentic concepts for the type of client that appreciates a fresh, harmonious array of communications that cross a variety of mediums.

Fourth: We’re lean and streamline, and not always available. Our team is small and efficient (and we like to keep it that way). When we get deep, we need to stay focused. Company growth is less important to us than effective delivery and spectacular service. That means we don’t always have the bandwidth to accept new clients.

Welcome. Have a look around. We invite you to take a closer look at our practice areas and portfolios as you learn more about us. We think you’ll like what you see.