We Deliver

Truth & Traction

In The Modern Marketplace

Inveniam – We find the way

Headquartered in Minneapolis, INVENIAM is an advisor and investor in early-stage and start-up companies with a focus on tech and consumer product launches. We work alongside VC firms, private investors, transformational CEOs and cutting-edge entrepreneurs to catalyze and capitalize on fast-growth opportunities.

Through our agencies, production studio, connections and technologies we cover the entire lifecycle of any brand development and its digital execution strategy. Innovators come to us for both origination and re-orientation through the alchemy of creative commerce. 

This empowers us to deliver authentic comprehensive strategies for new market introductions.

Masterminding Modern Manifestation

We’re known to ‘grease the wheels’ through the processes of commercialization with straightforward strategies that deliver and disrupt.

Our expertise and versatility provides streamlined solutions threading through the various phases of the “mind-to-market” journey.

From foundation through fruition, unapologetic unconventionality is our superpower.

We Deliver You

The Seeds

That Will Become

Your Forest

Step into our circle and we will reveal to you a process we call

Activation Through Illumination™

When you reduce to your essence of what you are, it reverberates out through all you do in your business… And your life.

Ideation + Productization + Commercialization + Actualization

As Technicians of Transformation, we create the clarity and systems for massive expansion. 

Revealing the things
You cannot see

To paint the picture
To show you the way

As you come to realize
All you can be

This is the art of becoming. 

Through commercial application. 

We Are Wayfinders

Inveniam” is a Latin word meaning: “to find a way.”

Traditionally popular for its use in the phrase “Aut Inveniam Viam Aut Faciam,”
which translates to “I will either find a way or make one.”